Hiltron reports strong demand for HMAM motorised satcom system

Hiltron Communications, a globally active system integrator, manufacturer and distributor in the field of satellite and wireless communication, reports strong demand for its HMAM satellite communication system.

"2015 is proving to be an action-packed year across the entire satellite communications business," comments Jan Molter, Managing Director. "Hiltron has proved to be fast, flexible and customer-focused, greatly strengthened by having its own highly experienced research and development department. HMAM is one of our most successful innovations to date. New versions developed since the introduction of the original model in 2010 include the HMAM-Ka which is the world's first triple-axis motorised 2.4 metre receive-only Ka-band antenna with switchable linear and circular polarisation. Another HMAM variant is the HMAM-IOT which incorporates inclined-orbit tracking. This enables the antenna to follow the position of older satellites that have been allowed to drift further from their nominal target position than during their premium service life."

Hiltron recently completed a combined Ku and C band HMAM Ka band antenna mount system for Thales. In addition, Hiltron has developed an automatic system to switch between Ku and C-band feeds in a project for the Airbus Group. Standard feeds for both bands are moved into the focus of the antenna. Depending on which feed is in the focus, the antenna receives signals in Ku or C band. This system is universal and can be used for all kind of feeds.

Five Hiltron HMAM motorised high-precision rotatable VSAT mount antennas are being supplied to SES Astra for integration into a Passive Correlation Ranging (PaCoRa) project in the USA. PaCoRa is a joint development between SES Astra and the Fraunhofer research institute. The project involves the analysis, design, implementation and validation of a fully passive and highly accurate ranger for geostationary satellites. The goals are to develop a system that provides highly accurate orbit predictions of geostationary satellites, allowing dense co-location with up to eight satellites in one orbital box.

Hiltron's HMAM also forms part of a recently completed teleport for a major internationally active news broadcaster. The total system includes seven fixed 2.4 metre Ku band receive-antennas, a 3.7 metre C-band fixed downlink plus a motorised 3.7 metre receive-antenna with a four-port C/Ku band feed.

Hiltron GmbH (www.hiltron.de) operates from modern purpose-built headquarters at Backnang near Stuttgart. On-site facilities include a large technical operations area with high access doors and ceiling, capable of accommodating satellite-link vehicles and their roof-mounted antennas. Hiltron is part of the Dan Technologies group, one of Europe's leading suppliers of audio, video, transmission products and digital media solutions.

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